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“Leadership is an action, not a position.” ~ Donald McGannon

Leadership cadence is "the level of action taken to enact your purpose". Let's face it, without high leadership cadence, your influence will be weak and ineffectual. When a leader's actions are regular and focused, just like the strokes of an Olympic rower, runner or cyclist, can they create repeatable and consistent results.

The question for you is "does your leadership capability have the cadence required to get results"?

"Mastering Leadership Cadence" course is specifically designed to help you to crank-up your leadership cadence and amplify results. You will learn the practical strategies utilised by the most impactful leaders to rapidly increase your leadership cadence and get results.

Take this course if you want to:

  • Learn to take action that achieves results
  • Influence others to take action
  • Connect actions with your vision for the future
  • Discover the secrets of some of the world's best leaders!

Mastering Leadership Cadence content:

  • 17 x powerful video lessons
  • 3 x exercises to reinforce learning and work with your teams
  • Quality, concise video based lessons
  • Bonus leadership development eBook

Bonus Leadership Development eBook

When you purchase Mastering Leadership Cadence, you will also receive a bonus eBook designed to further develop your leadership capability - normally valued at $24.95.

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Marcel Wilson
Marcel Wilson
Course Instructor

Marcel Wilson is an author, coach and consultant to business leaders on the topic of leadership and change. 

With a background and passion for innovation, leadership and change, Marcel is passionate about helping leaders to thrive in our fasting changing world! Marcel is the author of Frontier Mindset, is regularly asked to speak at a range of industry forums on leadership and change.

Marcel holds a Master Degree in Business Leadership and Bachelor of Arts. Marcel is the Managing Director of Human Sparks Pty Ltd, an Australian consultancy that works with multinational and mid-sized organisations to unlock value from their change initiatives.

Marcel can be contacted via: